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The Analects of Scott

Anecdotal Melodrama for YOU and ME!

15 March 1987
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About me ? Well, what would you like to know ? I can't just flow out for you, I hope you know. Inquire specifically and I might just answer you properly. I'm like a Leonard Cohen song - enigmatic not by intention, but by nature.



===Updated 6th July, 2006

1.) - I am a man of simple indulgences.

2.) - I am a man of hopeful ambition.

3.) - I am a man of few opinions and many observations.

4.) - I am a man of principles.

5.) - I am a man of decision.

6.) - I am a man of action.

7.) - I am a man of will.

8.) - Simply put, I am a man.

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Permanent Account Edition
User Number: 5235678
Date Created:23/11/2004
Number of Posts: 24

The Scotsman is a ferocious beast from the harsh climes of the North. His tastes are simple yet wholesome, his manners gracious yet unpretentious and he has a conservative temperament much at home with his rural lifestyle. He is a proud and solitary creature, well-read and well-armed, capable of defending his territory by force if necessary (and let's face it, force is always necessary) "He wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to feel!"
Strengths: Hardy; good-natured; strong; possessed of a fierce intellect.
Weaknesses: Always hungry
Special Skills: Concept-juggling; Dialectical Reasoning; good instincts; intuition; Leadership (+6 morale boost for entire party)
Weapons: A razor-sharp mind; katana x1; volumes upon volumes of Nietzsche FTW.
Allies: J.C., Craig Ross (Man of Action), The Raff, Aryan, Hussein, Big Jim, Eh! Steve and Nietzsche's Ghost.

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Resists:      7: capitalism, democracy, feminism, judeo-christianity, plebeians, progress, socialism.

a-team, ak-47, alba, albert einstein, andromeda, animal welfare, anthropology, anti-egalitarianism, anti-feminism, anti-humanism, anti-psychiatry, anti-theism, anti-zionism, aristocracy, aristocratic radicalism, astro-physics, astrology, astronomy, atheism, autonomism, bank heists, barbarism, baruch spinoza, beethoven, biting, brains, browncoat, bruce lee, buddha, burns, canada, cannibalism, celtic history, chattel, china, chow yun-fat, cigars, clans, classical antiquity, classicism, classics, confucianism, confucius, conquest, corporatism, culture, david hume, dialectics, eating chocoloate with nikott, ecology, economics, electronics, enoch powell, exploitation, farscape, firefly, friedrich nietzsche, gaelic, genealogy, geology, heaven's gate, hegel, hermeneutics, hulk, iconoclasm, immanuel kant, ireland, irish culture, jackie chan, james clerk maxwell, japan, jet li, korea, lao tzu, leonard cohen, lions, literature, louis althusser, machiavelli, martin heidegger, materialism, materialist conception of history, max planck, max stirner, michel foucault, militarism, miyamoto musashi, montesquieu, morality, mythology, napoleon buonaparte, nationalism, nietzsche, nikola tesla, nobility, norse culture, norway, nouvelle-écosse, nuclear physics, nλ = 2πr, order of rank, pablo neruda, philology, physics, poetry, psychology, punisher, ralph waldo emerson, revolution, robert burns, robert louis stephenson, robert oppenheimer, roleplay, rp, samuel beckett, schopenhauer, sci-fi, science, scotland, scots, scottish independence, scottish writers, self-sufficiency, semiotics, serenity, sexuality, sociobiology, spider-man, star trek, steven seagal, sun tzu, tai chi, taoism, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the corries, the highlands, the lowlands, totalitarianism, transhumanism, vegetarianism, vikings, warfare, wushu, x-men, yoshio nishina, zhang ziyi