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The Anti-Wonders of Misanthropy

I could give you all pages and pages about me and the anguish of my life... but why should I ? Why should I give you ammunition -- especially when you can already get it yourself ? My story has been told many times. This kind of enforced solitude, this lovelessness -- this existed before your stupid gods were ever conceived of. I'm bitter about this to be sure, but I have never denied it and I could certainly be a lot more bitter. How can I hate every single stupid one of you when I can't help but love you all to pieces ? The truth is, there will come a time when I am consumed by my incomprehensible despair, but I will have served my purpose by then. That's all that matters to you scumbags. Our species is a social animal, after all -- one's recognition comes from contribution, not from how good one is on the inside. I don't even know why I'm talking to you honourless dogs right now, all you and your pathetic kind have ever done is bring me pain.

From one filthy animal to another [at 22:45, how timely],
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