Scott (magneto_evo) wrote,

Winning Bread

Well, I'm about to go "re-connect" with material existence in the form of being away working - for a week, give or take a couple of days. I know that means basically nothing here, given my lack of daily updates and what-not. I actually have better things to do. Right now I'm packing: working out just what really needs to go with me. This should all be very interesting, given that I'll have a chance to be away and writing a good bit of the time if I get enough free time. There's still so much to say.

A writer's life doesn't have to be a poor one, if he can pick up a job or two along the way. Of course, that says a lot about cultures around the world. Are we not witch-doctors of a sort, especially in my 'field' of writing ?

Anyhoo, onto less 'lofty' things.

Roleplay at Astonishing is up-and-running. We're putting together a good team of X-Men, we've got some Spider-Man stuff going on - including a storyline with my villain, Doc Ock. It's all exciting stuff. Anyone interested should go to It'd be nice to see some of you there.

I hope to provide an update on things soon. My master-project is now very much defined, so I foresee a publication date in the near future if a publisher will handle it. More on that later.

I'll probably edit this post next week to add more in - of course, that's if I don't just make a new entry.
Tags: roleplay, updates, work
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