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SHE'S FANTASTIC (Let's hope it lasts... forever!)

Nikki - she's fast, she's furious, she's as FUN as all Hell!

...And now, she has a new profile. Wow. Girlfriends - they don't get much better than this, folks. You know that buzz you get for the first, like, seven weeks of a relationship ? Yeah. This isn't that. THIS IS "SCOTT AND NIKKI 4EVR".
(Please see 86nikki's new LJ if you'd like to make a sacrifice.)

Anyhoo, a newsflash for my (non-existent) fans:

My book's nearly finished. I've yet to do a comprehensive word count for keeping the relevant parties appraised of how much is done, but that'll happen soon. There's a lot going on with this book - it branches off everywhere, but all for the sake of the subject-matter.

Anyhoo, I've submitted my essay for my Alcohol & Drugs Studies module ('Policy & Prevention'), so here's to hoping I get somewhere with that. Also in the pipeline, I'm catching up with certain parts of secondary education - I might take on a few highers... but all that's still under consideration.

I've got a lot more to make known, so until next time...

Goodwill to the worthy,

PS. Happy birthday, Mum!

PPS. Belated 'happy birthday' shout-out for my brother, Mark (16th May). You're already 23 now - freaky, huh ?
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