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Small Inspiration and Favourites

There's not much I feel like saying, believe it or not.

Things have been hectic leading up to Graydon's arrival here in Scotland (which happened on the 23rd instead of the expected 22nd). Regardless of the hustle and bustle - along with the severe lack of updates - I've been engaging in my own productiveness.


Inspirational thought for the day:
"Love is like a friendship caught on fire."
- Bruce Lee


My Number One Prospective Bride - Delvin

My Number One Philosophical Muse (due to extreme phonage) - aztrinity

My Number One Amazon Friend (due to extreme cleavage) - baobh

My Best Imagined Past Life - Genghis Khan

My Favourite Water Feature - Volcanic Pool


So, compañeros and compañeras, we come to the end of this entry. I'll update you again when it is prudent to do so. Adios for now.

With irrepressible good will,
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