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A Divulging Day

Good morning, my precious guests.

Okay. Where to begin ?

Firstly, I've just made tea. It's brewing in the flask, so I'm all set to sit down and rattle off a quick entry on this soul-sapping cyber-journal.

Secondly, the compañeros shall soon be reunited - that is to say, Graydon shall be here in the homeland just nineteen scant days from now.

Thirdly, a small Journal adjustment I made about twenty-four hours ago had paid off by the time I got up and checked the compy was okay. I added "fantasy modelling" to my interests for a couple of reasons, those being that:-
1.) It's a noble and creative vocation.
2.) It was in a somewhat intimidating warrior-woman's interests and no-one else's, thus it was not hyperlinked as many interests are. So, I added it, waited and then felt very satisfied with myself when it automatically became a hyperlinked interest. Get it up ye, LiveJournal.

The third of the aforementioned revelations is my good deed for the day.

Lately, I've been seriously thinking about what makes "a people". It's a huge problem for a nation rapidly losing itself and it's a subject of increasing importance to me. I suppose this is the sober, intellectual subject to this entry, but it's also a very practical, immediate and urgent subject.

We more astute Scots need to get our priorities straight and understand that we don't even acknowledge what makes us tick, let alone understand our enemies and those facts which make them our enemies. We shy away from these subjects because they're too risque and all the rest of it. We've been force-fed self-parody and political correctness for so long that we won't question the British state - I mean truly question its purpose and legitimacy, on the grounds of social, historical and cultural truisms. You must ask, of course: am referring to questioning it with a view to independence ? Independence is my agenda, not the agenda of this particular reasoning. I implore every last citizen of our nation - and indeed the men and women of all nations, between whom I presently make no distinctions - to remember the motto of the Enlightenment; we should "DARE TO KNOW" as people seem so afraid of doing these days. Those who won't even inquire as the nature of the British state have neither "the right" nor the place to endorse it - in doing so, they only expose themselves as followers unaware of what they're even following. I can't help but be reminded of the function of the "Judas sheep", used to lead flock after flock to the slaughter. In this case, I would say it's analoguous to the slaughter of reason and passion and daring and all the noble qualities which were, at least at one time, more pronounced in the Scots than in any other people.

Blessed be Democracy, the government of guesswork.

Hopefully, I'll have more to inform and entertain you with later (if anyone's listening). In the mean time, take care of yourselves.

With warm regards,

PS. I've previously written about crimson-haired characters stalking the Lowland moors of my surrounding landscape. Never did I think the REAL fiery-maned threat would be a Nordic giantess.
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